Mary Lynn Richardson was born in August 1948, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where her maternal roots in the Pennsylvania Dutch Community are long and thickly tangled. By October '48 she was in Kenya, the land of her own rooting and deepest passions. Here her father found and recovered water from deep among the underground fissures and faults, and her mother grew coffee and ran public health clinics for the Nairobi City Council. In the 1960s, after several years of boarding school in Switzerland, she moved to North America to attend university. In the United States, and later in Canada, she completed a degree in geology and specialized in the analysis of fossil pollen and spores to reconstruct ancient environments. Since 1981,   she and her husband, Geoff Jenkins, have lived in Calgary, Alberta, where they now own and operate an environmental engineering firm. Her interests, which are broad, include a decade of intensive study of depth psychology, and a fascination with the revolutionary creative possibilities inherent in hypertext -- for which she is most grateful to her son, Stig, for pushing her onto the internet in the early exciting frontier days of its existence.   In addition to computers, she finds joy in a houseful of animals, and a broad range of friends and relations; also in gardening, painting, sewing, cooking, and even the never-ending process of renovating an old home. Over the past twenty-five years she has published scientific research papers, newspaper articles, poetry, essays, short works of fiction, and reviews, some of which are available on WhiteRabbit.Net.