WhiteRabbit.Net is a personal domain, a private indulgence if you will.  It aspires only to occupy an obscure and quiet corner of the World Wide Web, a hole  where it may develop in its own way, at its own pace.  I staked my claim to it in 1997, wanting virtual territory to develop as a retreat,  a cozy subterranean refuge from the cold and ice of Canadian winters. 

       By design, WhiteRabbit will always be "under construction," with an eclectic assortment of newly constructed pages opening up beneath the home page.  Many of these will be found through "keyhole" apertures in images which I have found over the years in either my own imagination or the imaginations of others; others will be through story.  Ultimately the network of subterranean channels will interconnect, and meet virtual neighbours at numerous points along its boundaries.  This, at least, is my aim.  How they shall do so, I do not yet know.  Perhaps you, like others who have ventured in here, will help determine that.

       Of course if you're here, if you've happened upon this site for one reason or another,  you are welcome.  Please make yourself at home.  Stay as long as you like, explore in any direction you will.1 Drink if you thirst; eat if you hunger.  Don't be alarmed if things appear "Curiouser and curiouser!". . . .2

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Mary Lynn Richardson
October 1999

1 Within limits.  You may be asked to introduce yourself before gaining entrance to areas of the site intended for friends and family, and to work spaces not yet open to the public. Return

2  "'Curiouser and curiouser!' cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English); 'now I'm opening out like the largest telescope that ever was! Good-bye, feet!' . . . ."   Curious:  among other definitions, "Exhibiting care or nicety; artfully constructed; elaborate; wrought with elegance or skill."