Works by Karen Blixen (Isak Dinesen) *
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gb_bullet.gif (591 bytes)The Iguana (from Out of Africa)

gb_bullet.gif (591 bytes)The Roads of Life (from Out of Africa)

gb_bullet.gif (591 bytes)The Blank Page (from Last Tales)

gb_bullet.gif (591 bytes)A marionette comedy (set within Seven Gothic Tales)

Kamante's stories
Selections from Out of Africa and Longing for Darkness:  Kamante's Tales from Out of Africa, collected by Peter Beard)

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* Isak Dinesen is not only the pen name of the Baroness Karen von Blixen (née Dinesen): she is also the persona Karen Blixen wore increasingly in daily life as she aged.   In these pages, though I generally duplicate the names, I use "Karen Blixen" first as author of the African memoirs and other biographical work, and "Isak Dinesen" first as author of the tales, and player of the role of exotic and mysterious storyteller.  Return

-- ml
Mary Lynn Richardson