Drawing away from the peaks of Mt. Kenya on the descent.  Photograph by Peter Doran, (c) 1999In the summer of 1999, Peter Doran wrote to me in Canada at WhiteRabbit.Net to let me know that nearly fifty years ago we had lived along the same road in Kiambu, Kenya, and thus shared our child’s eye views of the times popularly known as ‘Mau Mau.’ Peter, who now lives in Wokingham, England, returned to East Africa with his wife, Jane, in 1998, and again in 1999, to climb Africa's highest mountains, Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya, for "winter exercise." In response to the interest I expressed about his climb up Mt. Kenya,   Peter generously sent me a copy of his climbing journal. This I so enjoyed reading, that I offered to convert the journal into a form suitable for publication on the World Wide Web if Peter would select and supply digital copies of the numerous photographs he had taken on the trek. Our collaboration on this project is well underway; the full illustrated climbing journal will be available in late 1999.

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Mary Lynn Richardson
1 November 1999